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The Monifieth Medical Practice Patient Advisory Group (PAG) has been disbanded, and we extend our gratitude to all involved for their valuable input.

Working in conjunction with the ASHCP (Angus Strategic Health and Care Partnership), Monifieth Medical Practice remains dedicated to aligning our care model and strategic plan for community care with the needs of service users. Our commitment to fostering collaboration with other service providers is aimed at creating a seamless care experience for the community, addressing both present and future health and well-being needs in Angus. This collaborative approach is crucial in addressing the challenges faced by General Practice, especially when confronted with demands exceeding current capacity.

Our overarching objective is to implement a shared service care model that effectively serves the locality, benefiting all service users. While the Patient Advisory Group (PAG) has been invaluable historically, we acknowledge the evolving healthcare landscape necessitates a shift in operational practices.

As we move forward, we commit to integrating additional services to evolve a care model that not only aligns with existing provisions but also addresses the evolving needs of our service users.

About Us

Monifieth Medical Practice is proud to have provided personal medical care to the majority of the residents of Monifieth, in Angus, Scotland, since the 1960s.

Our aim is to provide a range of high quality, patient-centric, primary health care services delivered by committed and well-trained staff.

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